Green Mission

Our Green Products

Green Series

  • Dr. Battery's proprietary product
  • First Li-ion battery with up to 1000 recharge cycles
  • Lifespan of 3 conventional batteries
  • Featuring Boston Power’s next-generation lithium-ion battery technology
  • Boston Power are Nordic Ecolabel and Chinese Ecolabel accreditation
  • Patented Leyden Energy Li-imide™ battery technology

Advanced Pro Series

  • Engineering by Leyden Energy Li-ion cell
  • 800+ recharge cycles
  • Life span of 2 conventional batteries
  • Heat tolerance – prolong battery life even under high temperatures


  • Powering by Dr. Battery packs
  • Eco-friendly alternative for daily commuting
  • Environmental, Economic, Health and Social benefits
    • Environmental – reduce carbon footprint, reduce damage from exhaust gas and other chemical wastes from motor vehicles
    • Economic – lower cost alternative to convention motor vehicles
    • Health – Biking is an exercise. It helps to strengthen riders' respiratory system as well as improve their overall health conditions
    • Social – Improve health means lower health care costs; reduced use of cars will result in less severe traffic congestions
  • Worked with Government of British Columbia to promote e-bike

LED lighting is recognized as one of the most energy-efficient lighting technologies available today. A traditional incandescent light bulb burns 80 to 90 percent of its energy as heat instead of light. On the contrary, an LED bulb uses most of the electricity it receives to produce light. In general, LED light uses almost 80 percent less electricity than an equivalent incandescent bulb, making it about five times more energy efficient. Switching to LED lighting helps you save energy and money

  • Certificates of compliance (RoHS, Energy Star, CE, FCC, ETL, UL/ULC)
  • Benefits:
    • Energy efficiency, up to 90% energy saving
    • Long lifetime up to 50,000
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Mercury free
    • Less CO2 (GHG) greenhouse gas emission
    • Emits nearly no infrared radiation or UV rays
    • Exceptionally durable
    • Instant light up, do not flicker