Dr. Battery

The new laptop battery packs are powered by the newest battery cell technology developed by Leyden Energy Inc, a Silicon Valley research and development company.

Leyden Energy employs seasoned staffs that are familiar with the battery industry and has a passion for innovating, developing and bringing next generation products and technologies to the market. The company utilizes the cutting edge technology to fulfil a wide variety of mobile power needs ranging from electronic devices to electric vehicles.

Significant benefits over traditional batteries:

  • 800+ recharge cycles
  • 2+ years of sustained performance
  • Reduced total cost of ownership
  • Enhanced thermal management battery system

Leyden Advantages

Leyden's technology developed at Dupont is procured and wholly-owned by the company. This seed technology served as the foundation for subsequent Leyden research which perfected the patent and, in turn, led to the current chemical platform. The joint partnership brings:

  • 2 Year Warranty30 days Dr. Battery money back guarantee and two years for exchange or repair.

  • Battery LifeOne battery provides the life span of two conventional batteries – decreases cost and help the planet.

  • EnduranceEnhanced thermal management battery system decreases the likelihood of battery life depletion due to heat.