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Dr.EBIKE Powered by Dr. Battery packs, the ebike is a fun, healthy and eco-friendly mode of transportation. Our goal is to promote and expand the use of this exciting, emission free transportation solution to advance sustainability and encourage the surrounding community to create an eco-friendly living environment. According to a recent study by the American Automobile Association, a new car cost about $6,720 a year to maintain.

Imagine the amount of money one will save if an e-bike can reduce the person’s car usage by half. These savings are relatively minor when compared to the savings in many social costs, such as less traffic congestions, increased productivity and reduced health care expenses.

The most direct health benefit associated with e-bike is increased exercise, which has been proven effective in reducing the incidents of cardiovascular diseases, certain cancers and numerous other illnesses.

At the same time, usage of e-­‐bikes can help reduce pollution and improve air quality in the long run, both of which are important to our health. Dr. Power has been working diligently with the government and many institutions to promote e-bike as a socially responsible, healthy and fun alternative commuting tool.