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Your device is compatible with the Dr. Battery Green Series battery.
Replacement Notebook Battery for 10.8 Volt Li-imide Green Series Laptop Battery

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Part Number :LTS207X-GS
Condition :New
Warranty :3 Year
Cell Type :Leyden Energy Li-lmide
Capacity :7200 mAh / 78Wh
Device Voltage :10.8V
Color :Black
In-Stock :In-Stock
Price :US$318.00
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*Order will be charged in CAD at the exchange rate of
$1USD = $1CAD for Canadian shipping address at time of payment

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This Battery is not compatible with the following Toshiba Satellite models:
Satellite P305 Series
Satellite P305D Series

 Compatible Models   Original Part Numbers   Recommended Products
Compatible Models
  Equium L350 Series   Equium L350-10L   Equium L350D Series
  Equium L350D-11D   Equium P200 Series   Equium P200-178
  Equium P200-1ED   Equium P200-1IR   Equium P200D-139
  Equium P300-16T   Equium P300-19O   Satellite L350 Series
  Satellite L350-12N   Satellite L350-145   Satellite L350-14F
  Satellite L350-153   Satellite L350-159   Satellite L350-16S
  Satellite L350-16X   Satellite L350-170   Satellite L350-171
  Satellite L350-172   Satellite L350-17P   Satellite L350-17R
  Satellite L350-203   Satellite L350-20F   Satellite L350-20G
  Satellite L350-212   Satellite L350-21Q   Satellite L350-21T
  Satellite L350-235   Satellite L350-24R   Satellite L350-262
  Satellite L350-264   Satellite L350-277   Satellite L350D Series
  Satellite L350D-012   Satellite L350D-01G   Satellite L350D-01H
  Satellite L350D-01M   Satellite L350D-02L   Satellite L350D-03G
  Satellite L350D-10F   Satellite L350D-10O   Satellite L350D-10P
  Satellite L350D-10S   Satellite L350D-10V   Satellite L350D-114
  Satellite L350D-116   Satellite L350D-117   Satellite L350D-11A
  Satellite L350D-11B   Satellite L350D-11D   Satellite L350D-11K
  Satellite L350D-11O   Satellite L350D-11P   Satellite L350D-11S
  Satellite L350D-123   Satellite L350D-12M   Satellite L350D-12N
  Satellite L350D-12Q   Satellite L350D-12R   Satellite L350D-131
  Satellite L350D-170   Satellite L350D-200   Satellite L350D-201
  Satellite L350D-204   Satellite L350D-206   Satellite L350D-209
  Satellite L350D-20D   Satellite L350D-20E   Satellite L350D-20P
  Satellite L350D-211   Satellite L350D-213   Satellite L350D-214
  Satellite L350D-215   Satellite L350D-216   Satellite L350D-SM1
  Satellite L350D-SM3   Satellite L350-S1001X   Satellite L355 Series
  Satellite L355D Series   Satellite L355D-S7809   Satellite L355D-S7810
  Satellite L355D-S7813   Satellite L355D-S7815   Satellite L355D-S7819
  Satellite L355D-S7820   Satellite L355D-S7825   Satellite L355D-S7829
  Satellite L355D-S7832   Satellite L355D-S7901   Satellite L355-S7017
  Satellite L355-S7811   Satellite L355-S7812   Satellite L355-S7817
  Satellite L355-S7822   Satellite L355-S7827   Satellite L355-S7828
  Satellite L355-S7831   Satellite L355-S78312   Satellite L355-S7834
  Satellite L355-S7835   Satellite L355-S7837   Satellite L355-S7900
  Satellite L355-S7901

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Original Part Numbers
  PA3536U-1BAS   PA3536U-1BRS

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Recommended Products

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