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Replacement Notebook Adapter for Samsung NC108-A09TH
19V 3.16A/3.42A 60W/65W Laptop Adapter (Fixed I-Tip)

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Part Number :AC19V65I
Condition :New
Warranty :1 Year
Output Current :3.16A/3.42A
Output Voltage :19V
Input Type :AC100~240V / 50~60Hz
Power :60W/65W
Color :Black
In-Stock :In-Stock
Price :US$25.20
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Reseller Pricing Available
*Order will be charged in CAD at the exchange rate of
$1USD = $1CAD for Canadian shipping address at time of payment

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Please make sure the DC output and tip size are compatible before placing the order.
The correct AC Power Cord will be provided based on shipping destination; however, should you need a different Power Cord, please indicate in the Comments section below.

 Compatible Models   Original Part Numbers   Recommended Products
Compatible Models
  NC108   NC108-A01ID   NC108-A01VN
  NC108-A02ID   NC108-A02TH   NC108-A02VN
  NC108-A03TH   NC108-A03VN   NC108-A04IN
  NC108-A04TH   NC108-A04VN   NC108-A05IN
  NC108-A05TH   NC108-A05VN   NC108-A06TH
  NC108-A07TH   NC108-A08ID   NC108-A08TH
  NC108-A09ID   NC108-A09TH   NC108-A0AID
  NC108-A0BID   NC108-A0CID   NC108-HA1AR
  NC110   NC110-A01US   NC110-A02AR
  NC110-A02US   NC110-A03US   NC110-A07HU
  NC110-AM4UK   NC111-A01TR   NC111-A02TR
  NC111-A03TR   NC111-A05TR   NC208
  NC208-A01ID   NC208-A01VN   NC208-A02VN
  NC208-A03VN   NC210   NC210-A01AR
  NC210-A01CA   NC210-A01CH   NC210-A01CN
  NC210-A01DE   NC210-A01FR   NC210-A01GR
  NC210-A01HU   NC210-A01ID   NC210-A01IT
  NC210-A01JO   NC210-A01KZ   NC210-A01MA
  NC210-A01MY   NC210-A01NZ   NC210-A01PH
  NC210-A01PL   NC210-A01RU   NC210-A01UK
  NC210-A01ZA   NC210-A02AR   NC210-A02AT
  NC210-A02AU   NC210-A02BE   NC210-A02CA
  NC210-A02CL   NC210-A02CN   NC210-A02ES
  NC210-A02FR   NC210-A02MA   NC210-A02NL
  NC210-A02NZ   NC210-A02PH   NC210-A02RU
  NC210-A02TR   NC210-A02UK   NC210-A03AT
  NC210-A03AU   NC210-A03BE   NC210-A03CH
  NC210-A03CN   NC210-A03FR   NC210-A03IT
  NC210-A03NL   NC210-A03PT   NC210-A03SE
  NC210-A03TR   NC210-A03UK   NC210-A04CH
  NC210-A04CN   NC210-A04FR   NC210-A04IT
  NC210-A04PT   NC210-A04UK   NC210-A05HK
  NC210-A05PT   NC210-A05SE   NC210-AF1FR
  NC215   NC215S   NP300E
  NP-300E   NP300E Series   NP300E3A
  NP300E4A   NP300E4AH   NP300E4AI
  NP300E4A-S02SG   NP300E4A-S04SG   NP300E4C-A01US
  NP300E4C-A02US   NP300E4C-A03US   NP300E4Z
  NP300E4ZH   NP300E4ZI

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Original Part Numbers
Delta Electronics
  0335A1960   0335C1960   CPA09-004A

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