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Replacement Notebook Adapter for Gateway M153S
19V 3.42A/4.74A 65W-90W Laptop Adapter (Fixed C-Tip)

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Part Number :AC19V90C
Condition :New
Warranty :1 Year
Output Current :3.42A/4.74A
Output Voltage :19V
Input Type :AC100~240V / 50~60Hz
Power :65W/90W
Color :Black
In-Stock :In-Stock
Price :US$35.00
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Reseller Pricing Available
*Order will be charged in CAD at the exchange rate of
$1USD = $1CAD for Canadian shipping address at time of payment

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Please make sure the DC output and tip size are compatible before placing the order.
The correct AC Power Cord will be provided based on shipping destination; however, should you need a different Power Cord, please indicate in the Comments section below.

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  F3F-AP016H   F3F-AP133C   F3F-AP201C
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  F3Jc   F3JC-AP057M   F3JC-AP077C
  F3JC-AP078P   F3JF Series   F3Jm
  F3JM Series   F3JM-1A   F3JM-AP013H
  F3Jp   F3JP-AP029M   F3JP-AP035P
  F3JP-AP042M   F3JP-AP101C   F3JP-AS017M
  F3Jr   F3JR-AP045C   F3Jv
  F3Ka   F3Ka-AP002C   F3Ka-AP036C
  F3KA-X2   F3KA-X3   F3KA-X4
  F3Ke   F3Ke-AP006C   F3Ke-AP007C
  F3KR   F3L   F3M
  F3M-AP015C   F3M-AP032C   F3M-AP055C
  F3P   F3P-AP021C   F3Q
  F3Q Series   F3s   F3Sa
  F3Sa-a1   F3SA-AP001C   F3SA-AS131C
  F3Sc   F3Sc-A1   F3SC-AP068C
  F3SC-AP153C   F3Sc-B1   F3Se
  F3SE-AP050C   F3Sg   F3Sr
  F3SR-AP030C   F3SR-AP100C   F3Sv
  F3Sv-A1   F3SV-AS087C   F3Sv-B1
  F3Sv-B2   F3Sv-B3   F3SV-B4
  F3Sv-C1   F3SV-X1   F3T
  F3T-AP020C   F3T-AP037C   F3T-AP038C
  F3T-APO55C   F3Tc   F3TC-AP014C-A
  F3TC-AP051C   F3Tc-TL50S11FWW   F3U
  F3U-AP012C   F3U-AP027C   F3U-AP028C
  F3U-AP072C   F3U-AP073C   F3U-AP099C
  F5 Series   F502   F502C
  F502CA-EB31   F502CA-EB91   F502CA-XX017H
  F502CA-XX018H   F502CA-XX019H   F502CA-XX020H
  F502CA-XX046H   F502CA-XX067H   F502CA-XX069H
  F502CA-XX081H   F50Gx   F50Q
  F50S - Asus   F50Sf-A1   F50Sf-A2
  F50SL   F50SV   F50SV-A1
  F50SV-A2   F50Z   F5C
  F5GL   F5M   F5N
  F5R   F5R-AP028A   F5RI
  F5RL   F5RL-AP035C   F5SL
  F5Sr   F5V   F5V-A1
  F5VI   F5VL   F5VL-A2
  F5VL-B1   F5VL-D1   F5Z
  F6A   F6A-A2   F6E
  F6H   F6K   F6K233E-SL
  F6K54S-SL   F6S   F6V
  F6V Multi Color   F6V-A1   F6Ve
  F6Ve-B1   F6V-X1   F7000
  F7000 - Asus   F70S   F70SL
  F70SL-A1   F70Sv   F75A
  F75A-AB31   F75A-EH51   F75A-TY037D
  F75A-TY038V   F75A-TY054V   F75A-TY079V
  F75A-TY082H   F75A-TY089H   F75A-TY115H
  F75A-WH31   F75VD   F75VD-EB51
  F75VD-TY032H   F75VD-TY033H   F75VD-TY041H
  F75VD-TY065H   F75VD-TY067   F75VD-TY067H
  F75VD-TY068V   F75VD-TY085V   F75VD-TY102V
  F75VD-TY112V   F75VD-TY125H   F75VD-TY126H
  F75VD-TY133H   F75VD-TY146H   F75VD-TY157H
  F75VD-TY163H   F7B   F7E
  F7e-b1   F7F   F7F-7S005C
  F7Kr   F7KR-7S003C   F7L
  F7Se   F7Sr   F7Z
  F8   F8 Series   F80 Series
  F80A   F80Cr   F80H
  F80L   F80Q   F80S
  F80S-A1   F81   F83 Series
  F83S   F83Vf   F85
  F86   F8Dc   F8P
  F8P-B1W   F8P-C1B   F8P-C1W
  F8Sa   F8Sg   F8Sn
  F8Sn-A1   F8Sp   F8Sr
  F8Sv   F8Tr   F8Va
  F8Va-B1   F8Va-C1   F8Vr
  F9 Series   F9D   F9Dc
  F9Dc-A1   F9Dc-B1   F9E
  F9E-A1   F9F   F9F Series
  F9J   F9J Series   F9S
  F9S Series   F9Sg   F9Sg-A1
  G1 Series   G1P Series   G1S
  G1S Series   G1S-A1   G1S-B1
  G1S-B2   G1Sn   G1Sn-A1
  G1Sn-B1   G2K   G2P
  G2Pb Series   G2Pc Series   G2S
  G2S-A1   G2S-A4   G2S-B1
  G2S-B2   G2S-Extreme   G2Sg
  G2Sg-A1   G2Sv   G55
  G55V   G55VM   G55VW
  J33Jt   K40 Series   K401J-E1 S
  K401J-E1S   K40AB   K40AC
  K40AD   K40AE   K40AF
  K40E   K40ID   K40IE
  K40IL   K40IP   K40lJ
  K40lN   K41ND   K41VD
  K41VF   K42 Series   K42D
  K42DE   K42DQ   K42Dr
  K42DY   K42F-A2B   K42J
  K42Ja   K42JB   K42JC
  K42JE   K42JK   K42JP
  K42Jr   K42JR-VX047X   K42JV
  K42JY   K42JZ   K42N
  K43SV   K450 - Asus   K450C
  K450CA   K450CC   K450JF
  K450L   K450LA   K450LB
  K450LC   K450LD   K450LN
  K450V   K450VB   K450VC
  K450VE   K50 Series   K50A
  K50AB   K50AB-X2A   K50AD
  K50AE   K50AF   K50I
  K50ID   K50IE   K50IL
  K50IP   K51 Series   K51AB
  K51AC   K51AE   K51IO
  K52 Series   K52D   K52DE
  K52DR   K52DY   K52F
  K52F-A1   K52F-SX051v   K52F-SX060D
  K52F-SX065x   K52F-SX074v   K52J
  K52JB   K52JC   K52Je
  K52JK   K52Jr   K52JR-A1
  K52JR-X2   K52JR-X4   K52JR-X5
  K52JT   K52JU   K52JZ
  K52N   K53 Series   K53B
  K53BY   K53E   K53F
  K53J   K53JA   K53JC
  K53JE   K53JF   K53JG
  K53JN   K53JS   K53JT
  K53S   K53SA   K53SC
  K53SD   K53SE   K53SJ
  K53SK   K53SM   K53SN
  K53SR   K53T   K53TA
  K53TK   K53U   K54 Series
  K54HR   K54L   K54LY
  K55A   K55VD   K55VM
  K60 Series   K61 Series   K61IC
  K62 Series   K62F   K62J
  K62Jr   K65H   K65R
  K6C11   K70 Series   K7010
  K7010-A1   K70A   K70AB
  K70AC   K70AD   K70AE
  K70AF   K70AS   K70AS-X2A
  K70I   K70IC   K70ID
  K70IJ   K70IL   K70IO
  K72 Series   K72Dr   K72Dr-X1
  K72DY   K72F   K72F-A2B
  K72F-TY005V   K72F-TY279V   K72F-X1
  K72Ja   K72Jc   K72Jf
  K72Jk   K72Jk-TY001V   K72Jl
  K72Jo   K72Jr   K72Jr-A1
  K72Jr-TY028X   K72Jr-X1   K72Jt
  K72JU   K72Jv   K72K
  K72N   K72Q   K72S
  K73 Series   K73E   K73E-A1
  K73E-TY202V   K73Jk   K73SD
  K73SJ   K73Sj-TY020V   K73SM
  K73Sv   K73Sv-DH51   K73Sv-TY053V
  K73Sv-TY137V   K73Sv-TY171V   K73Sv-TY291V
  K73Ta-TY027V   K73TK   K75 Series
  K75A   K75D   K75DE
  K75V   K75VD   K75VJ
  K75VM   K75VM-T2094V   K75VM-T2119V-BE
  K75VM-TY023V   K75VM-TY024V   K75VM-TY027
  K75VM-TY086V   K75VM-TY090V   K75VM-TY096V
  K75VM-TY126V   K93   K93S
  K93SM   K93SV   K95 Series
  K95A   K95V   K95VJ
  K95VJ-YZ011   K95VM   K95VM-YZ00
  K95VM-YZ001V   K95VM-YZ002V   K95VM-YZ005D
  K95VM-YZ006V   K95VM-YZ007V-BE   K95VM-YZ009V
  K95VM-YZ010V   K95VM-YZ013V   K95VM-YZ015V
  K95VM-YZ028S   K95VM-YZ030V   K95VM-YZ037V
  K95VM-YZ045V   K95VM-YZ052   L1 Series
  L1000   L1000A   L1000B
  L13   L1300   L1300B
  L13B   L14   L1400
  L1400A   L1400B   L14A
  L14B   L1A   L1B
  L2 Series   L2000   L2000B
  L2000D   L2000E   L2400D
  L2B   L2D   L2E
  L3000C   L3000D   L3000H
  L3000S   L3000TP   L34 Series
  L3400   L3400C   L34C
  L38 Series   L3800   L3800C
  L3800S1   L38C   L38S
  L3C   L3D   L3H
  L3S   L3TP   L4 Series
  L4000 Series   L4000E   L4000H
  L4000L   L4000R   L41
  L42   L44   L45
  L4500   L4500R Series   L4E
  L4H   L4L   L4R
  L50   L50Vn   L50Vn-A1
  L50Vn-B1   L50Vn-C1   L7400
  LC3800S   M2 Series   M2000 Series
  M2000-A   M2000-C   M2000-E
  M2000N   M2000-N Series   M2000Ne
  M24 Series   M2400   M2400 Series
  M2400A   M2400C   M2400E
  M2400N   M2400Ne   M24A
  M24E   M24N   M3
  M3000   M3000Ae   M3000N
  M3000NP   M3Ae   M3N
  M3NP   M50 Series   M50Q
  M50S   M50Sa   M50Sr
  M50Sv   M50Sv-A1   M50Sv-B1
  M50V   M50V series   M50Vc
  M50Vm   M50Vm-A1   M50Vm-B1
  M50Vm-B2   M50Vm-B4   M50Vn
  M51A   M51A-A1   M51A-B1
  M51E   M51E-A1   M51Kr
  M51Se   M51Sn   M51Sn-A1
  M51Sn-B1   M51Sn-C1   M51Sr
  M51Ta   M51Tr   M51Va
  M51Vr   M52   M5200
  M6   M60 Series   M6000
  M6000BN   M6000BNe   M6000N
  M6000Ne   M6000r   M6000Va
  M60J-A1   M60JV   M60V
  M60W   M67   M6700
  M6700A   M6700C   M6700N
  M6700R   M6700V   M67N
  M68   M6800   M6800A
  M6800C   M6800N   M6800R
  M6800V   M68N   M6BN
  M6BNe   M6N   M6Ne
  M6V   M6Va   M70 - Asus
  M70Sa   M70Sa-A1   M70Sa-B1
  M70Sr   M70T   M70Vm
  M70Vm-A1   M70Vm-B1   M70Vm-C1
  M70Vn   M70Vn-C1   M70Vn-C2
  M70Vr   M9 Series   M9A
  M9F   M9J   M9V
  N10E   N10E-A1   N10J
  N10J-A1   N10J-A2   N10Jb
  N10Jc   N10Jc-A1   N10Jh
  N10Jh-A1   N20 - Asus   N20A
  N20A-A1   N43 Series   N43D
  N43DA   N43E   N43F
  N43J   N43JC   N43JE
  N43Jf   N43JG   N43JK
  N43JL   N43JM   N43JN
  N43JQ   N43JR   N43JV
  N43JW   N43N   N43S
  N43SD   N43SL   N43SM
  N43SN   N43SV   N45 Series
  N45E   N45F   N45J
  N45J Mystic Edition   N45JC   N45S
  N45SF   N45SJ   N45SL
  N45SN   N45SV   N46 Series
  N46V   N46VB   N46VJ
  N46VM   N46VZ   N50A
  N50E   N50F   N50T
  N50Ta   N50Tp   N50Tr
  N50Vc   N50Vc (LED)   N50Vc-B3WM
  N50Vc-FP008C   N50Vc-FP017E   N50Vc-FP021C
  N50Vc-FP035G   N50Vc-FP044C   N50Vc-FP106C
  N50Vc-FP125C   N50Vc-FP154C   N50Vc-FP164C
  N50Vc-FP168C   N50Vc-FP190C   N50Vc-FP192C
  N50Vc-FP212E   N50Vc-FP216E   N50Vc-FP222E
  N50Vc-FP233E   N50Vg   N50Vn
  N50Vn (CCFL)   N50Vn (LED)   N50Vn-A1B
  N50Vn-A1B (LED)   N50Vn-B1B   N50Vn-B1B (CCFL)
  N50Vn-C1S   N50Vn-C1S (CCFL)   N50Vn-C2S
  N50Vn-C2S (CCFL)   N50Vn-C3S (CCFL)   N50Vn-D1
  N50Vn-FP024G   N50Vn-FP154C   N50Vn-FP229E
  N50Vn-T9550   N50Vn-X5A   N50Vn-X6
  N51   N51A   N51S
  N51T   N51Te   N51Tp
  N51V   N51Vf   N51Vf-A1
  N51Vg   N51Vn   N52A
  N52D   N52DA   N52DC
  N52DR   N52F   N52J
  N52JA   N52JB   N52JC
  N52JE   N52JF   N52JG
  N52JL   N52JN   N52JQ
  N52JT   N52JV   N52S
  N52SN   N52SV   N52V
  N52VF   N53   N53 Series
  N53D   N53DA   N53E
  N53F   N53J   N53JC
  N53JE   N53Jf   N53Jg
  N53JH   N53JL   N53JN
  N53JQ   N53JR   N53JT
  N53JV   N53JX   N53N
  N53S   N53SD   N53SL
  N53SM   N53SN   N53SQ
  N53SV   N53T   N53TA
  N53TK   N53V   N55 Series
  N55E   N55S   N55SF
  N55SL   N56   N56DP
  N56DY   N56V   N56VB
  N56VJ   N56VM   N56VM i3/i5 processor
  N56VZ   N56VZ i3/i5 processor   N56VZ-4338D
  N56VZ-DS71   N56VZ-S4016V   N56VZ-S4023V
  N56VZ-S4044V   N60Dp   N61 Series
  N61D   N61J   N61Ja
  N61Ja-JX0046V   N61JA-JX008X   N61JA-JX087X
  N61Jq   N61JQ-JX001X   N61JQ-JX002V
  N61JQ-JX021X   N61Jv   N61JV-JX002V
  N61JV-JX036V   N61V   N61VF
  N61Vg   N61Vn   N61W
  N6DA   N70Sv   N71Ja
  N71Jv   N71Vg   N71Vn
  N75 Series   N75E   N75S
  N75SF   N75SL   N76
  N76V   N76VB   N76VJ
  N76VJ-DH71   N76VJ-FH71   N76VJ-T4016H
  N76VJ-T4024H   N76VJ-T4044H   N76VJ-T5004H
  N76VJ-T5014H   N76VJ-T5052H   N76VM
  N76VZ   N76VZ i3/i5 processor   N80
  N80Vc   N80Vn   N80Vn (LED)
  N80Vn-A1   N80Vn-B1   N81Vp
  N82E   N82EI   N82J
  N82JG   N82JQ   N82JQ-VX046V
  N82JV   N82JV-VX020V   P31 Series
  P31F   P31J   P31JC
  P31JG   P31JG-RO199X   P31S
  P31SD   P31SD-RO132X   P31SG
  P41 Series   P41F   P41J
  P41JC   P41JG   P41S
  P41Sj   P41SV   P41SV-WX032X
  P42   P42F   P42J
  P42Jc   P45   P45A
  P45V   P45VA   P45VD
  P45VJ   P52   P52F
  P52J   P52Jc   P62
  P80A   P80Q   P80Vc
  P82   P82Jr   PRO 50 Series
  PRO 50-AP063C   PRO 50N   PRO 50N-AP171C
  Pro 62 Series   Pro 64 Series   Pro10 Series
  Pro10J   Pro21 Series   Pro21F
  Pro21Hf   Pro21J   Pro21Je
  Pro30 Series   Pro31 Series   Pro31E
  Pro31F   Pro31H   Pro31J
  Pro31Ja   Pro31Jc   Pro31Jm
  Pro31Jp   Pro31Jr   Pro31Jv
  Pro31K   Pro31L   Pro31P
  Pro31Q   Pro31S   Pro31Sa
  Pro31Sc   Pro31Sg   Pro31Sv
  Pro31T   Pro31U   Pro32 Series
  Pro32A   Pro32JT   Pro32VT
  PRO33JC   PRO33SD   Pro34 Series
  Pro34F   Pro34JC   Pro35 Series
  Pro35F   Pro35JG   Pro35SD
  Pro35SG   Pro36 Series   Pro36JC
  Pro36SD   Pro44 Series   Pro44SD
  Pro4G Series   Pro4GJF   Pro4GJM
  Pro4GJQ   Pro4GSL   Pro4GSN
  Pro4H Series   Pro4HJC   Pro4I Series
  Pro4IJF   Pro4ISV   Pro4J Series
  Pro4JE   Pro4JSJ   Pro4K Series
  Pro4KSF   Pro4L Series   Pro4LE
  Pro4LSV   Pro50G   Pro50GL
  Pro50M   Pro50N   Pro50R
  Pro50RL   Pro50SL   Pro50SR
  Pro50V   Pro50VL   Pro50Z
  Pro51 Series   Pro52 Series   Pro52H
  Pro52L   Pro52RL   Pro55 Series
  Pro55GL   Pro55S   Pro55SL
  Pro55SR   Pro57 Series   Pro57A
  Pro57KR   Pro57SE   Pro57Sn
  Pro57Ta   Pro57Tr   Pro57Va
  Pro57Vr   Pro58 Series   Pro58Sa
  Pro58Sr   Pro58Vc   Pro58Vm
  Pro58Vn   Pro59 Series   Pro59L
  Pro59LE   Pro59L-EX145A   Pro5A Series
  Pro5AVc   Pro5AVn   Pro5B Series
  Pro5BVF   Pro5BVG   Pro5C
  Pro5C Series   Pro5CQ   Pro5D
  Pro5D Series   Pro5DAB   Pro5DAD
  Pro5DAF   Pro5DC   Pro5DID
  Pro5DIE   Pro5DIJ   Pro5DIL
  Pro5DIN   Pro5DIP   Pro5E
  Pro5E Series   Pro5EAC   Pro5EAE
  Pro5G Series   Pro5GAG   Pro5GAT
  Pro5GVG   Pro5GVS   Pro5GVT
  Pro5I Series   Pro5IBY   Pro5IDE
  Pro5IDr   Pro5IDY   Pro5IF
  Pro5IJB   Pro5IJC   Pro5IJE
  Pro5IJK   Pro5IJr   Pro5IJT
  Pro5IJU   Pro5IJV   Pro5IN
  Pro5J   Pro5K Series   Pro5KF
  Pro5KJC   Pro5L Series   Pro5LJT
  Pro5LJU   Pro5LJV   Pro5M Series
  Pro5MDA   Pro5MJF   Pro5MJG
  Pro5MJL   Pro5MJN   Pro5MJQ
  Pro5MSN   Pro5MSV   Pro5MTA
  Pro5N Series   Pro5NBY   Pro5NC
  Pro5NE   Pro5NSJ   Pro5NSK
  Pro5NSV   Pro5NTA   Pro5NU
  Pro5NZ   Pro5P Series   Pro5PE
  Pro5PSJ   Pro5Q Series   Pro5QSF
  Pro5R Series   Pro5RE   Pro60 Series
  Pro60E   Pro60F   Pro60Ja
  Pro60Jc   Pro60Je   Pro60Jm
  Pro60M   Pro60R   Pro60Rp
  Pro60Tc   Pro60V   Pro60Va
  Pro60Vc   Pro60Ve   Pro60Vm
  Pro61 Series   Pro61GX   Pro61Q
  Pro61SF   Pro61SL   Pro61SV
  Pro61Z   Pro62J   Pro62VP
  Pro63 Series   Pro63DP   Pro64DA
  Pro64Ja   Pro64Jq   Pro64Jv
  Pro64VG   Pro64VN   Pro65
  Pro66   Pro66 Series   Pro66IC
  Pro67 Series   Pro67F   Pro79
  Pro88   PRO8C   Pro8D
  Pro8S   R1   R1E
  R1E Series   R1E-B1   R1E-D1
  R1F   R1F-A1   R1F-A2
  R1F-K018T   R1F-K049E   R400 Series - Asus
  R400D   R400DE   R400DR
  R400N   R400V   R400VD
  R400VG   R400VM   R400VS
  R500 Series   R500A   R500D
  R500DE   R500DR   R500N
  R500V   R500VD   R500VM
  R500VS   R700 Series   R700A
  R700D   R700DE   R700V
  R700VD   R700VM   S1300N
  S13N Series   S3262   S40
  S405   S46   S46CA-DH31
  S46CA-WX016   S46CA-XH51   S46CB
  S46V   S505   S56
  S56CA-BH71   S56CA-DH31   S56CA-DH41
  S56CA-QH51   S56CA-WH31   S56CA-XH71
  S56CA-XX024H   S6 Series   S62 Series
  S62e   S62Fm   S62Fp
  S62J   S62Jp   S6F
  S6F Leather Collection   S6F-1A   S6Fm
  S6Fm-1P029C   S6Fm-1P055C   S6Fm-1P056C
  S96 Series   S96F   S96Fm
  S96J   S96Jm   SW1 VBl
  T12   T12B   T12C
  T12Er   T12Fg   T12J
  T12Jg   T12Mg   T12Ug
  T9 Series   T9000   T9000 Series
  T9000A   T93   T9300
  T9300A   T93A   T94
  T9400   T9400A   T94A
  T9A   U1E   U1E Series
  U1F   U1F-1P016E   U1F-A1
  U2E   U2E Bamboo   U2E-A1B
  U2E-A2B   U2E-B1B   U2E-B3B
  U30   U30J   U30Jc
  U31 Series   U31E   U31F
  U31J   U31JC   U31JF
  U31JG   U31JG-XA1   U31S
  U31SD   U31SD-A1   U31SD-RX001
  U31SD-RX034V   U31SD-RX036V   U31SD-RX037V
  U31SD-RX072R   U31SD-RX101V   U31SD-RX159D
  U33   U33 Series   U33J
  U33Jc   U33Jc-A1   U33Jc-RX044V
  U33Jc-RX068V   U33JT   U35
  U35F   U35F-X1   U35J
  U35Jc   U35Jc-A1   U36
  U36J   U36JC   U36JC0-NYC
  U36JC-A1   U36JC-B1   U36JC-B2B
  U36S   U36SD   U36SG-AS51
  U36SG-AS71   U36SG-QS52   U36SG-RX072V
  U36SG-RX126V   U3S   U3S Series
  U3S-A1B   U3S-A1W   U3Sg
  U41 Series   U41E   U41F
  U41J   U41JC   U41JF
  U41JF-A1   U41JF-WX089   U41JF-WX125
  U41JF-WX149V   U41JG   U41S
  U41SD   U41SV   U41SV-WX031V
  U41SV-WX036   U41SV-WX036V   U41SV-WX049D
  U41SV-WX050D   U41SV-WX051V   U41SV-WX056V
  U42 Series   U42F   U42J
  U42JC   U42S   U42SD
  U43   U43 Series   U43F
  U43F-BBA5   U43J   U43Jc
  U43Jc-A1   U43Jc-B1   U43Jc-WX041V
  U43Jc-WX057V   U43Jc-WX059V   U43Jc-WX070V
  U43Jc-WX080V   U43Jc-WX090X   U43Jc-WX097V
  U43Jc-WX101V   U43Jc-WX118V   U43Jc-WX130V
  U43Jc-WX139V   U43Jc-X1   U43S
  U43SD   U43SD-WX007V   U43SD-WX024V
  U43SV   U45   U45J
  U45Jc   U45Jc-A1   U45Jt
  U46   U46E   U46E-1AWX
  U46E-BAL5   U46E-BAL6   U46E-BAL7
  U46E-RAL   U46E-RAL5   U46E-RAL7
  U46E-XH51   U46E-XS51   U46J
  U46JC   U46S   U46SD
  U46SM   U46SM-DS51   U46SV
  U46SV-A1   U46SV-DH51   U46SV-WO006X
  U46SV-WX036V   U46SV-WX039D   U46SV-WX044X
  U47   U47A   U47C
  U47V   U47VC   U47VC-DS51
  U47VC-WO011   U47VC-WO017V   U47VC-WO024V
  U47VC-WO028V   U5 Series   U51A
  U51Vg   U52   U52 Series
  U52F   U52F-BBL5   U52J
  U52Jc   U53   U53 Series
  U53F   U53J   U53Jc
  U53Jc-A1   U53Jc-XX049X   U53Jc-XX086V
  U53Jc-XX108V   U53S   U53SD
  U53SV   U56   U56E
  U56E-BBL5   U56E-RBL5   U56E-RBL7
  U56E-XR1   U56E-XR2   U56J
  U56JC   U56S   U56SV
  U57 Series   U57A   U57V
  U57VD   U57VM   U5A
  U5A-6003P   U5A-6004P   U5A-6005P
  U5A-6007P   U5A-6008P   U5A-6010P
  U5A-6011P   U5F   U6E Series
  U6Ep   U6S   U6S Series
  U6Sg   U6V   U6V Bamboo
  U6V-A1   U6Vc   U6Vc-A1
  U81A-RX05   U81V   U82
  V1Jp   V1S   V1S-A1
  V1S-B1   V1Sn   V1V
  V1V-A1   V2   V2J
  V2Je   V2S   V2S-A1
  V2S-B1   V50V   V6 Series
  V6000 Series   V6000J   V6000V Series
  V68V   V6J   V6V Series
  V6Va   VivoBook X402   VivoBook X402 Series
  VivoBook X402C   VivoBook X402C Series   VivoBook X402CA
  VivoBook X402CA Series   VivoBook X551MA   VivoBook X551MA-DS21Q
  VivoBook X551MA-QSP1-CB   VivoBook X551MA-RCLN03   VivoBook X551MA-SX018H
  VivoBook X551MA-SX019D   VivoBook X551MA-SX020D   VivoBook X551MA-SX030D
  VivoBook X551MA-SX030H   VivoBook X551MA-SX035D   VivoBook X551MA-SX036D
  VivoBook X551MA-SX039D   VivoBook X551MA-SX040H   VivoBook X551MA-SX043D
  VivoBook X551MA-SX051H   VivoBook X551MA-SX053D   VivoBook X551MA-SX101D
  VivoBook X551MA-SX107D   VivoBook X551MA-SX110H   VivoBook X551MA-SX132H
  VivoBook X551MA-SX298H   VX1 Series   VX2S-A1B
  VX2S-A1Y   VX2S-A2B   VX2S-A2Y
  VX2S-B1B   VX2S-B1Y   VX2S-B2B
  VX2S-B2Y   VX3   VX3-A1B
  VX3-A1Y   VX5   VX5-A2B
  W1   W1000   W1000G
  W1000Ga   W1000Gc   W1000N
  W1000Na   W1000V   W1G
  W1Ga   W1Gc   W1N
  W1Na   W1V   W3
  W3000   W3000A   W3000J
  W3000N   W3000V   W3000Z Series
  W3A   W3J   W3N
  W3V   W3Z Series   W5 Series
  W5000A   W5000A Series   W5000Ae
  W5000F   W5000Fe   W5000Fm
  W5600A   W5A   W5Ae
  W5F   W5Fe   W5Fm
  W5V   W6A   W6F
  W6Fp   W6K   W7 Series
  W7000J   W7000S   W7F
  W7F Series   W7J Series   W7S
  W7S Series   W7S-A1B   W7S-A1W
  W7S-B1B   W7S-B2B   W7S-B2W
  W7Sg   W90V   W90Vn
  W90Vp   W90Vp-A1   X32
  X32A   X32J   X32JT
  X32U   X32V   X32VT
  X35 Series   X35F   X35J
  X35JG   X35S   X35SD
  X42   X42D   X42De
  X42E   X42F   X42J
  X42Jb   X42Je   X42Jk
  X42Jr   X42Jv   X42JY
  X42JZ   X44 Series   X44C
  X44H   X44HO   X44HR
  X44HY   X44L   X44LY
  X452 - Asus   X452C   X452CP
  X452E   X452EA   X452EP
  X50   X50 Series - Asus   X50C
  X50GL   X50M   X50N
  X50R   X50RL   X50SL
  X50SR   X50V   X50VL
  X50Z   X51   X51H
  X51L   X51R   X51RL
  X52   X52D   X52De
  X52Dr   X52F   X52J
  X52Jb   X52Jc   X52Je
  X52Jg   X52Jk   X52Jr
  X52N   X53S Series   X53SV-SX097V
  X53SV-SX111V   X53SV-SX117V   X53SV-SX132V
  X53SV-SX173V   X53SV-SX179V   X53SV-SX200V
  X53SV-SX213V   X53SV-SX214V   X53SV-SX218V
  X53SV-SX231V   X53SV-SX246   X53SV-SX296V
  X55   X552 - Asus   X552C
  X552CL   X552CL-SX013H   X552CL-SX018D
  X552CL-SX018H   X552CL-SX019D   X552CL-SX022D
  X552CL-SX022H   X552CL-SX029H   X552CL-SX033H
  X552CL-SX037H   X552CL-SX047H   X552CL-SX050H
  X552CL-SX051H   X552CL-SX053D   X552CL-SX065H
  X552CL-SX104D   X552CL-SX105D   X552CL-SX106H
  X552CL-SX113D   X552CL-SX124H   X552CL-SX127H
  X552CL-SX149H   X552CL-SX153H   X552CL-SX173H
  X552E   X552EA   X552EA-DB11
  X552EA-DH11   X552EA-DH41   X552EA-DH42
  X552EA-SH41-CB   X552EA-SX006D   X552EA-SX007D
  X552EA-SX009D   X552EA-SX015H   X552EA-SX021D
  X552EA-SX077H   X552EA-SX115H   X552EA-XX117D
  X552EP   X552V   X552VL
  X555LA   X555LA-DB71   X555LA-XX046H
  X555LA-XX200H   X555LA-XX273H   X555LD
  X555LD-XO030H   X555LN   X555LN-XO002D
  X555LN-XO003H   X555LN-XO004D   X555LN-XO004H
  X555LN-XO031D   X555LN-XO112H   X555LN-XX025H
  X555LN-XX026H   X555LP   X555LP-XO060H
  X55S   X55Sa   X55Sr
  X55SV   X57   X57VN
  X58C   X58Le   X59 Series
  X59GL   X59Sr   X59Sr-A1
  X5A   X5C   X5D
  X5D Series   X5DAB   X5DAD
  X5DAF   X5DC   X5DID
  X5DIE   X5DIJ   X5DIJ-SX039c
  X5E   X5J   X5M
  X5MD   X5ME   X5MF
  X5MJ   X5MJC   X5MJE
  X5MJX   X5MN   X5MS
  X5MTA   X5MV   X61
  X61S   X61W   X61Z
  X64   X64 Series   X64JA-JX088V
  X64JV   X64JV-JX065V   X64JV-JX084V
  X64VG   X64VG-JX007V   X64VG-JX008V
  X64VG-JX138V   X64VG-JX156V   X65
  X66   X66IC   X67
  X70   X70AB   X70AC
  X70AD   X70AF   X70IC
  X70IJ   X70IL   X70IO
  X70Z   X71A   X71Q
  X71S   X71SL   X71SL-7S027E
  X71SL-A1   X71SL-B2   X71SL-C1
  X71T   X71TL   X71Tp
  X71Vn   X72 Series - Asus   X72Dr - Asus
  X72F - Asus   X72F-XR4 - Asus   X72F-XR5 - Asus
  X72Jk - Asus   X72Jr - Asus   X72Vn - Asus
  X73SL   X75 Series   X75A
  X75V   X75VB   X75VB-TY005D
  X75VB-TY006H   X75VB-TY016D   X75VB-TY017D
  X75VB-TY038H   X75VB-TY045H   X75VB-TY047H
  X75VB-TY050H   X75VB-TY052H   X75VB-TY053H
  X75VB-TY073H   X75VC   X75VC-TY006H
  X75VC-TY007H   X75VC-TY010H   X75VC-TY013D
  X75VC-TY014D   X75VC-TY021D   X75VC-TY021H
  X75VC-TY022D   X75VC-TY023D   X75VC-TY024D
  X75VC-TY025H   X75VC-TY035H   X75VC-TY043H
  X75VC-TY047H   X75VC-TY047H-BE   X75VC-TY056H
  X75VC-TY057H-BE   X75VC-TY059H   X75VC-TY075H
  X75VC-TY092H   X75VC-TY096H   X75VC-TY128H
  X75VC-TY129H   X75VC-TY143H   X75VC-TY144H
  X75VD   X77 Series - Asus   X77J - Asus
  X77Ja - Asus   X77Ja-TY006V - Asus   X77Jg - Asus
  X77Jo - Asus   X77Jq - Asus   X77Jq-TY014V - Asus
  X77Jq-TY072V - Asus   X77Jv- Asus   X77Jv-TY050V - Asus
  X77Jv-TY051V - Asus   X77Jv-TY052V - Asus   X77Jv-TY063V - Asus
  X77Jv-TY101V - Asus   X77-TY003V - Asus   X77-TY018V - Asus
  X77V - Asus   X77Vg - Asus   X77Vg-TY017V - Asus
  X77Vg-TY056V - Asus   X77Vg-TY085V - Asus   X77Vn - Asus
  X77Vn-TY026V - Asus   X77Vn-TY027V - Asus   X80Le
  X80N   X80Z   X83Vm
  X85C   X85L   X85S
  X85Se   X87   X88Se
  X88VD   X88Vf   X8A
  X8B   X8C   X8D
  X8S   Y481 - Asus   Y481C
  Y481CA   Y481CC   Y481V
  Y481VC   Y581 - Asus   Y581C
  Y581CA   Y581CC   Y581L
  Y581LA   Y581LB   Y581LC
  Z33   Z3300   Z3300A
  Z3300Ae   Z33A   Z33Ae
  Z35 Series   Z35F   Z35H
  Z35L   Z53 Series   Z53J
  Z53Jc   Z62 Series   Z6200F
  Z6200Fm   Z6200J   Z6200Jm
  Z62F   Z62Fm   Z62J
  Z6300A   Z63A   Z7000
  Z7000A   Z7000N   Z7000Ne
  Z7000V   Z7000Va   Z70A
  Z70N   Z70Ne   Z70V
  Z70Va   Z71 Series   Z7100
  Z7100 Series   Z7100A   Z7100N
  Z7100NE   Z7100V   Z7100Vp
  Z71A   Z71N   Z71NE

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Original Part Numbers
  04G266006001   04G266006060
  04G266006080   04G266006220   04G266008920
  04G266010600   04G266010610   04G266010620
  90-N00PW5200T   90-N00PW5300T   90-N00PW5500T
  90-N00PW5700T   90-N6APW2010   90-N6EPW2000
  90-N6EPW2010   90-N6EPW2012   90-NAPAW2000
  90-XB04N0PW00030Y   90-XB04N0PW00040Y   ACDCADAP
  EXA0904YH   PA-1900-03   PA-1900-24
  PA-1900-36   PA-1900-66
  310-1958   7U870   9T458

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Recommended Products
Part Number: AC19V90UAS
Replacement Notebook Adapter
For 19V 4.74A 90W Laptop Adapter (Asus Universal Tip Adapter)
Part Number: AC19V90UAV
Replacement Notebook Adapter
For 19V 4.74A 90W Laptop Adapter (Averatec Universal Tip Adapter)
Part Number: AC19V90UCV
Replacement Notebook Adapter
For 19V 4.74A 90W Laptop Adapter (Clevo Universal Tip Adapter)
Part Number: AC19V90UDE
Replacement Notebook Adapter
For 19V 4.74A 90W Laptop Adapter (Dell Universal Tip Adapter)
Part Number: AC19V90UGT
Replacement Notebook Adapter
For 19V 4.74A 90W Laptop Adapter (Gateway Universal Tip Adapter)
Part Number: AC19V90UNE
Replacement Notebook Adapter
For 19V 4.74A 90W Laptop Adapter (NEC Universal Tip Adapter)
Part Number: AC19V90UTS
Replacement Notebook Adapter
For 19V 4.74A 90W Laptop Adapter (Toshiba Universal Tip Adapter)

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