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Replacement Notebook Adapter for Gateway M153S
19V 3.42A 65W Laptop Adapter (Gateway Universal Tip Adapter)

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Part Number :AC19V65UGT
Condition :OEM/DR Battery
Warranty :1 Year
Output Current :3.42A
Output Voltage :19V
Input Type :AC100-240V / 50-60Hz
Power :65W
Color :Black
In-Stock :Out of Stock(Ship 1-2 weeks)
Price :US$58.80
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Reseller Pricing Available
*Order will be charged in CAD at the exchange rate of
$1USD = $1CAD for Canadian shipping address at time of payment

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Gateway Universal Tip Adapter :
Include (Tip: A, C, T, U) Only
The correct AC Power Cord will be provided based on shipping destination; however, should you need a different Power Cord, please indicate in the Comments section below.

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  E640G-P322G25Mi   E640G-P522G25Miks   E640G-P523G25Mi
  E640-N833G25Mi   E642G   E642G-P342G32Mikk
  E642G-P364G50Mn   E642G-P543G32Mikk   E730G-332G16Mi
  E730G-332G25Mi   E730G-332G32Miks   E730G-333G25Mi
  E730G-333G25Miks   E732   E732-372G25Mikk
  E732G   E732G-373G32Mnkk   E732ZG
  E732ZG-P612G25Mikk   E732ZG-P612G32Mikk   G640G-P322G25Mi
  G640G-P323G25Mi   G640G-P342G32Miks   G640G-P343G50Miks
  G730G-352G25Miks   G730G-353G32Miks   G730G-372G32Miks
  G730G-373G50Miks   G730ZG-P612G32Miks   MX4624
  3000 Series   3018 Series
  3018GZ   3040 Series   3040GZ
  3500 Series   3520 Series   3520GZ
  3522 Series   3522GZ   3525 Series
  3525GB   3545 Series   3545GZ
  3550 Series   3550GH   3550GZ
  3610 Series   3610GZ   400 Series
  4000 Series   400E   400SX4
  400VSP   400VTX   4010 Series
  4010JP   4012 Series   4012GZ
  4014 Series   4014GB   4016 Series
  4016JP   4023JP   4024 Series
  4024GZ   4024JP   4025 Series
  4025GZ   4026 Series   4026GZ
  4027JP   4028 Series   4028GZ
  4030 Series   4030GH   4030GZ
  4046MX   4520 Series   4520GZ
  4525 Series   4525GZ   4526MX
  4528 Series   4528MX   4529MX
  4530 Series   4530GH   4530GZ
  4532 Series   4532GB   4534 Series
  4534JP   4535 Series   4535GX
  4535GZ   4536 Series   4536GZ
  4536MX   4538 Series   4538GZ
  4540 Series   4540GZ   4541 Series
  4541BZ   4542 Series   4542GP
  4543 Series   4543BZ   4546JP
  4547MX   4548JP   6000 Series
  6010 Series   6010GZ   6018 Series
  6018GH   6018GX   6018GZ
  6020 Series   6020GZ   6021 Series
  6021GH   6021GZ   6022 Series
  6022GZ   6023 Series   6023GP
  6510 Series   6510GZ   6518 Series
  6518GZ   6520 Series   6520GZ
  6525 Series   6525GP   6530 Series
  6531 Series   6531GZ   6832JP
  6834MX   C120   C120X
  C5815   CX2600   CX2608
  CX2610   CX2615   CX2618
  CX2619   CX2620   CX2620H
  CX2700   CX2720   CX2724
  CX2724H   CX2726   CX2728
  CX2735M   CX2750   CX2755
  CX2756   E100   E100M
  E100M SB   E100MG   E155C
  E155C-G   E475M   E475M-G
  EC38 Series   EC39C Series   EC39C01c
  EC39C01u   EC39C01w   EC39C-N52B
  EC49C Series   EC49C06w   EC54 Series
  EC5409u   EC5412u   EC58 Series
  EC5801u   EC5802u   EC5809u
  EC5810u   EC5811u   ID43A Series
  ID49C Series   ID49C011u   ID49C01h
  ID49C02e   ID49C02h   ID49C03e
  ID49C04u   ID49C07u   ID49C08u
  ID49C11u   ID49C12u   ID49C13u
  ID49C14u   ID58 Series   ID59C Series
  ID59C03u   ID59C044   ID59C04u
  ID59Cu   M1200 Tablet PC   M1300 Tablet PC
  M1400   M-1400   M1400 Series
  M1408j   M-1408j   M-1410j
  M-1411j   M-1412   M1412 Series
  M-150   M150 Series   M150S
  M-150S   M150X   M-150X
  M-150XL   M151S   M-151S
  M-151X   M-151XL   M152S
  M-152S   M-152X   M-152XL
  M153S   M-153S   M153S Arctic Bloom
  M153S Garnet Red   M153S Pacific Blue   M153S Silver
  M153X   M-153X   M-153XL
  M15s   M1600   M-1600
  M1600 Series   M1615   M-1615
  M1617   M-1617   M1618
  M-1618   M1618N   M-1618n
  M1618R   M-1618r   M1619j
  M-1619j   M1622   M-1622
  M1622 Garnet Red   M1622H   M-1622h
  M1622h Garnet Red   M1624   M-1624
  M1624 Black   M1625   M-1625
  M1625 Pacific Blue   M1626   M-1626
  M1626 Black   M1628   M-1628
  M1628 Pacific Blue   M1628 Series   M1629
  M-1629   M1629 Garnet Red   M1629 Series
  M-1630j   M-1631J   M1631U
  M-1631U   M-1632j   M-1634u
  M210 Series   M210CS   M210E
  M210S   M210X   M210XL
  M2404   M-2404U   M-2408J
  M-2409J   M2410   M-2410J
  M2410u   M-2410U   M2414
  M2414u   M-2414U   M2421
  M2421u   M-2421U   M255 Series
  M255E   M255E-SB   M255G
  M255Go   M-26   M2623
  M2623u   M2624   M2624u
  M2625   M2625u   M2626
  M2626u   M275 Series   M275E
  M275R   M275X   M275XL
  M280   M280E   M280EB
  M280E-QS   M280QS   M285-E
  M285-G   M305   M305 Series
  M305CRV   M320 Series   M320CS
  M320E   M320S   M320X
  M320XL   M325   M325 Series
  M325X   M360 Series   M360A
  M360B-Gateway   M360C-Gateway   M360SB
  M360SE   M360S-Gateway   M360X
  M360XL   M405 Series   M405CS
  M405E   M405QS   M405SE
  M405SE Plus   M405X   M500
  M500 Series   M500B1   M500B1 Series
  M505 Series   M505B2   M505B2 Series
  M505M2   M505X   M-6205m
  M-6206m   M-6207m   M6300
  M6301   M6302   M6305
  M-6305   M6307   M-6307
  M6308   M-6308   M6309
  M-6309   M6312   M-6312
  M6315   M-6315   M6316
  M-6316   M6317   M-6317
  M6318   M-6318   M6319
  M-6319   M6319 Pacific Blue   M6320
  M6322   M6323   M6324
  M6325   M6332   M-6332
  M6333   M6334   M6335
  M6337   M-6337   M6337 Garnet Red
  M-6339U   M-6340U   M6750
  M-6750   M6750H   M-6750H
  M6752   M-6752   M6755

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Original Part Numbers
  177626001   180676001   222113001
  298237001   ACC10   ACC10K
  0225C1965   QCD1ACYZZZTA51
  CA010070960   CA0100709930   FMVAC315S
  101094   101953   102042
  102444   102522   102664
  102665   102918   103310
  103316   103325   103739
  103905   103907   105068
  105195   105926   105927
  105928   106293   106294
  106295   106838   106840
  106867   106911   106963
  106964   106979   107000

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