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Replacement Notebook Battery for 807956-001
14.8 Volt Li-ion Laptop Battery

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Part Number :LHP275
Condition :New
Warranty :1 Year
Cell Type :Conventional Li-ion
Capacity :2200mAh / 33Wh
Device Voltage :14.8V
Color :Black
In-Stock :In-Stock
Price :US$68.40
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$1USD = $1CAD for Canadian shipping address at time of payment

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This battery is only compatible with the 14.6V or 14.8V version.

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Compatible Models
  14 series   14-ac series   14-ac105tx
  14-ac115ne   14-ac117tu   14-ac121tu
  14-ac125tx   14-ac132tu   14-ac137tx
  14-ac166tu   14-ac184tu   14-af series
  14-af107ax   14-af110la   14-af120au
  14-am series   14-am001tu   14-am003nt
  14-am005la   14-am005nk   14-am011ng
  14-am012nl   14-am013la   14-am013nx
  14-am017nf   14-am019tu   14-am021la
  14-am025na   14-am032tu   14-am036tu
  14-am038tx   14-am040na   14-am077tu
  14-am081ng   14-am089nia   14-am093la
  14-am099nia   14-am101nt   14-am103nt
  14-am105nx   14-am111tu   14-am115tx
  14-am129tx   14-am506tu   14-an series
  14-an000nf   14-an006ax   14-an008la
  14-an011au   14-an012na   14-an022au
  14-ar002tu (x1g70pa)   14g   14g series
  14g-ad series   14q   14q series
  14q-aj series   15 series   15-ac series
  15-ac000   15-ac004ns   15-ac006na
  15-ac070tu   15-ac097tu   15-ac097ur
  15-ac098ur   15-ac099nia   15-ac099tu
  15-ac099ur   15-ac100   15-ac100nd
  15-ac100nf   15-ac100ni   15-ac100nia
  15-ac100nt   15-ac103ca   15-ac104nx
  15-ac106nj   15-ac107nl   15-ac109nu
  15-ac111nc   15-ac111nu   15-ac113nia
  15-ac117nt   15-ac119nia   15-ac120ng
  15-ac120nx   15-ac122na   15-ac123nia
  15-ac123tu   15-ac124nu   15-ac125nc
  15-ac126ds   15-ac126nf   15-ac126ng
  15-ac127no   15-ac127tu   15-ac130nx
  15-ac131tu   15-ac132nk   15-ac133nv
  15-ac134tx   15-ac135ns   15-ac137nk
  15-ac140nh   15-ac141ur   15-ac143nh
  15-ac144ur   15-ac146nd   15-ac147nia
  15-ac149ds   15-ac154ne   15-ac158ng
  15-ac162nb   15-ac166nb   15-ac169nf
  15-ac172nm   15-ac181na   15-ac181tx
  15-ac182tu   15-ac184nw   15-ac191tu
  15-ac192tu   15-ac196ur   15-ac198tu
  15-ac198tx   15-ac199ne   15-ac199nia
  15-ac199tu   15-ac199tx   15-ac199ur
  15-ac500   15-ac501tu   15-ac502tu
  15-ac503tu   15-ac504tu   15-ac505tu
  15-ac506tu   15-ac600   15-ac600ur
  15-ac601tu   15-ac601tx   15-ac602tu
  15-ac602tx   15-ac603tu   15-ac603tx
  15-ac604tu   15-ac604tx   15-ac605tu
  15-ac606tu   15-ac607tu   15-ac608tu
  15-ac610ur   15-ac611tx   15-ac612tu
  15-ac632ng   15-ac633tx(v5d48pa)   15-ac681tu
  15-ac682tu   15-af series   15-af007nia
  15-af016au   15-af058sa   15-af100
  15-af100na   15-af100nc   15-af100nf
  15-af100nia   15-af100nx   15-af101nx
  15-af102nv   15-af105nc   15-af107nt
  15-af107nv   15-af111au   15-af111nf
  15-af111nv   15-af114ng   15-af116nt
  15-af119ca   15-af121nd   15-af124au
  15-af124ur   15-af129au   15-af156au
  15-af161au   15-af171nr   15-af192ur
  15-AY Series   15-ay002ur   15-ay003ur
  15-ay004nia   15-ay005nm   15-ay006tx
  15-ay007la   15-ay008ni   15-ay008nv
  15-ay009nk   15-ay010nu   15-ay012cy
  15-ay013nc   15-ay013nu   15-ay014nz
  15-ay015tu   15-ay016ds   15-ay017nh
  15-ay019nf   15-ay020la   15-ay020nm
  15-ay021ng   15-ay021nm   15-ay022ds
  15-ay022nv   15-ay024na   15-ay027nt
  15-ay029nia   15-ay030nl   15-ay032ni
  15-ay032tu   15-ay034ne   15-ay035nz
  15-ay037ne   15-ay041nl   15-ay043nh
  15-ay044tu   15-ay045ne   15-ay047nl
  15-ay049ur   15-ay051ns   15-ay053ur
  15-ay055nx   15-ay057ng   15-ay061nc
  15-ay063tu   15-ay065ne   15-ay068nd
  15-ay068sa   15-ay070nd   15-ay074na
  15-ay074tu   15-ay075ur   15-ay077ur
  15-ay080nm   15-ay080tx   15-ay086ns
  15-ay089nia   15-ay091na   15-ay093nb
  15-ay096nr   15-ay096ur   15-ay100nv
  15-ay101ns   15-ay101tx   15-ay102nt
  15-ay103nt   15-ay106nt   15-ay106tx
  15-ay107ni   15-ay108nt   15-ay110cy
  15-ay111ne   15-ay111nv   15-ay113nia
  15-ay115ng   15-ay117nx   15-ay126nk
  15-ay127tx   15-ay128ng   15-ay129ne
  15-ay134ns   15-ay136tu   15-ay143tu
  15-ay146tx   15-ay151tu   15-ay161ns
  15-ay175nb   15-ay183nia   15-ay500ur
  15-ay503tu   15-ay506tu   15-ay510ng
  15-ay514ns   15-ay519tu   15-ay528ur
  15-ay558tu   15-ay569tu   15-ay590ur
  15-BA Series   15-ba000np   15-ba000nv
  15-ba002   15-ba002nl   15-ba003nq
  15-ba005ax   15-ba008na   15-ba009ns
  15-ba010ng   15-ba010nt   15-ba012au
  15-ba012ds   15-ba014wm   15-ba016ax
  15-ba016ng   15-ba017cl   15-ba017ng
  15-ba018ns   15-ba020no   15-ba021na
  15-ba022nr   15-ba024ca   15-ba025ur
  15-ba027cl   15-ba029au   15-ba030ur
  15-ba032nf   15-ba033wm   15-ba034au
  15-ba040ng   15-ba042na   15-ba044na
  15-ba046nl   15-ba046ns   15-ba047cl
  15-ba050nf   15-ba052nl   15-ba054sa
  15-ba056ur   15-ba064ur   15-ba066nc
  15-ba068nc   15-ba069ng   15-ba071
  15-ba074ur   15-ba082nr   15-ba083sa
  15-ba089ng   15-ba094ur   15-ba099na
  15-ba150sa   15-ba180ng   15-ba501ng
  15-ba508ur   15-ba524ur   15-ba552ur
  15-ba599ur   15-ba616ur   15-bd104tx
  15-be series   15-be003tx   15-be011tx
  15-be108tx   15-bg series   15g
  15g series   15g-ad series   15g-ad000
  15g-ad100   15g-ad101tx   15g-ad102tx
  15g-ad103tx   15g-ad104tx   15g-ad105tx
  15g-ad106tx   15g-ad107tx   15g-ad108tx
  15g-ad109tx   15g-ad110tx   15q
  15q series   15q-aj000   15q-aj001tx
  15q-aj002tx   15q-aj003tx   15q-aj004tx
  15q-aj100   15q-aj101tx   15q-aj102tx
  15q-aj103tx   15q-aj104tx   15q-aj105tx
  15q-aj107tx   15q-aj108tx   15q-aj109tx
  15q-aj110tx   15q-aj111tx   15t series
  15t-ac000   15t-ac100   15z series
  15z-af000   15z-af000 cto   17-ac series
  17-x series   17-x001tu   17-x002ng
  17-x002np   17-x004ns   17-x005tx
  17-x006na   17-x008cy   17-x008ng
  17-x009tu   17-x010cy   17-x010ds
  17-x012cy   17-x012nf   17-x017ng
  17-x023nf   17-x027na   17-x029ng

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Original Part Numbers
  807611-121   807611-131   807611-132
  807611-141   807611-221   807611-241
  807611-251   807611-421   807611-422
  807611-831   807612-121   807612-131
  807612-141   807612-221   807612-241

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